My last purchase

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    To be specific, not really my very last purchase, some of the game was bought few months ago.
    some games

    and last but not least, all the slug (except the first one) in original in mint condition for most of them (2 has a slight sunfade however).


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    Almost all the AES Slugs, and originals, beautiful!

    I have also bought Riding Hero and Dracula Densetsu 2 several months ago.

  • Wonderful! Especially the AES Slugs of course : )

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    Karuraô with a box that has absolutely no sunfade.
    Only two deception, thought, with a small scratch on the down left corner at the front (it was already in the Yahoo auction picture but the picture was not very clear
    The last page of the instruction has password tab to write down the password, and the is some writing. :(






    With Karuraô, I have also received two others sfc game: Tiny Toons Adventure ( for an upgrade) and nitro punks might heads (rocky rodent) due to Gustav influence on me. ;)


    I have also received Sunset Rider in satisfying condition for me and the first Jykkyo World Soccer Perfect Eleven


    For Gustav, I just won yesterday in the auction the last Kikikaikai. Even if the reg card is not here and one scratch is visible in the picture, condition seems pretty good and the price cheaper than the one I missed last time. I hope the spine not visible in the picture will not be sunfade.

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    Il claque le Karuraô, de même que le Kikikaikai qui a l'air quasi neuf.
    Sunset Riders j'adore et le préfère à la version MD d'ailleurs.

    0_1483913742431_achats fin 2016.JPG

    Mes derniers achats, enfin une partie car je n'ai pas tout sous la main.

    J'ai déjà parlé de Batman GB et Hyperstone Heist que j'ai finis direct après les avoir reçus.

    Megaman X2 US avant d'acheter le 3 (hum) complet et en bon état sans être impeccable mais ça me va très bien.

    Les deux Trails of Cold Steel sur PS Vita parce que j'ai peur que leur prix monte même si je n'ai pas l'intention d'y jouer dans l'immédiat, de même que Shin Megami Tensei Apocalypse IV sur 3DS et dans une moins mesure Persona 4.

    Les 2 Valis pour avoir les 4 épisodes sur NEC.

    Starfox sur Wii U, à tester, je suis assez curieux même si je n'en attends pas grand chose.

    Turbo Out Run car c'est un jeu de mon enfance.

    Okami payé une misère, c'est sur Wii mais tant pis. Les textes sont en français avec une traduction assez merdique du peu que j'en ai vue, dommage.

    God Hand est un rachat, j'avais bien aimé ce jeu malgré son côté bourrin et répétitif, ça me rappelle Ken le Survivant ;)

    Assault Suit Leynos : remake de la version MD. Vraiment joli mais je n'y ai pas assez joué pour donner mon avis.

    Street Fighter V : bon le jeu n'est sorti pas fini avec un mode story quasi inexistant. Mais il est magnifique et assez agréable à jouer même quand on ne maîtrise pas les subtilités du gameplay comme c'est le cas pour moi.

    Magaman Collection : j'ai les 6 épisodes Famicom mais je suis incurable :)

    PS : I forgot to write it in english, sorry.

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    I will post some pictures of my last purchases when I get my Ninja Commando (AES US Dog Tag) this week. It arrived in France yesterday. I didn't buy anything else because of my resolution :)

    @UmaroPj: Very nice! Where did you get Mega Man X2? I can exchange it for my japanese version ah ah :)
    I planned to buy Trails of Cold Steel too, but I don't think their price will go up a lot. (There are still many copies in Paris) Maybe this year.

    @msx: The condition of Karuraô is very impressive. You should not be disappointed, because finding it in such condition is very hard. The scratch on the left is nothing! I wouldn't mind about the password written in the instruction manual either. That orange shade is magnificent :)
    I played Nitro Punks Might Head (Rocky Rodent) on my flash cart and I wasn't impressed, so I decided not to buy it. I have a bad influence on some people sometimes :) Maybe you should give a try at Gun Force on Super Famicom. It looks very average but it might be interesting though.
    Sunset Riders looks in very good shape too.
    Your Kiki Kaikai copy looks in better condition than mine. Finally, no more exchange offers from you ah ah :)

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    I checked the "Trails" episodes:
    -Trails in the Sky SC (PSP): only available through the Playstation Store
    -Trails of Cold Steel: PS Vita or PS3. I will probably go with the PS3 version (US physical version).
    -Trails of Cold Steel II: Same thing

    Here are some pics of my last purchases:

    Last week, I finally got my copy of Ninja Commando (Neo Geo AES US):

    Ninja Commando

    Last October, I received Ruin Kami no Isan and Linda Cube on PC Engine. I will probably play Ruin this year. I will try to improve my japanese knowledge before tackling Linda Cube. Here is a pic of Ruin:


    Some other games I got in October : Tin Star (Super NES) and Super Chinese World 2 (mint condition). I was fascinated when I first discovered Super Chinese World 2 in the french magazine Consoles+ in 1993. A US release was expected ("Galactic Defender"), but it never came out.

    Tin Star

    Here are my last Neo Geo Pocket Color games. I completed Neo Turf Masters and I intend to spend some time on Puyo Pop. I didn't start out Nigeronpa yet.

    Puyo Pop

    The two MVS kits I got last November: Metal Slug and Super Dodge Ball. I still didn't figure out Super Dodge Ball's controls and gameplay yet.


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    here are my last game with the Kikikaikai.
    Kikikaikai has a white spot in the red that ruined the box. It has also some dirt.
    I do not know if I will keep it in this condition yet...

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    I think you should keep it. The red shade of your Kikikaikai's box is magnificent! Overall, it looks great. That white spot is nothing.

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    Yes Kikikaikai is beautiful and it would be difficult to find it in better condition, you really should keep it.

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