Top 10 Super Famicom games

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    Ok, we are waiting for your top 10 Umaro ;) I am curious about the 2 other games from your top 4.

    I noticed that I have the same top 4 as msx (not in the same order) and that no one mentioned Street Fighter II so far.

    One of the best title screen ever:

    A nice remix:

  • You really seem to have a soft spot for RPGs Gustav! I understand, as they used to be my cup of tea too : )
    But it's such a unic style that I find it hard - nearly inapropriate - to compare with other types of games...

    Anyways, here is my top 10 list:

    10 - Akumajô Dracula
    My first SNES game (alongside with Super Mario World), this is still my favorite Castlevania game. I used to prefer the PC Engine version, but this one remains unmatched when it comes to atmosphere.

    9 - Magical Quest
    Beautiful game, and a lot of fun too!

    8 - Chômakaimura
    Awesome and challenging, a true classic.

    7 - Contra Spirits
    My favorite Contra game. The only letdown: the top-view stages, which pale in comparison with others. Everything else is top notch though.

    6 - Macross Scrambled Valkyrie
    Fantastic (albeit quite unknown) shooter.

    5 - DoReMi Fantasy
    A lovely plateformer, in which everything screams quality and mastery.

    4 - Turtles In Time
    The best SFC brawler in my opinion. Colorful, lively…and fun as hell!

    3 - A Link To The Past
    Still my favorite Zelda game to this day. It takes the basic formula and transcends it. A masterpiece.

    2 - Axelay
    This one is very special to me. Atmospheric and spectacular, it belongs to the few games that really blew my mind when I first played them, and I still have a blast playing it today. Last but not least, the music is pure bliss!

    1 - Super Mario World
    When I think about this game, one word always comes to mind: perfection. I never played another plateformer that came anywhere close to this piece of art.

    Other SFC/SNES games that I really like:

    Chrono Trigger
    Nightmare Busters
    Sunset Riders
    Super Adventure Island
    Magical Pop’n
    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy VI
    Magical Adventure 3
    Final Fight Guy
    Ghost Chaser Densei
    Undercover Cops

    About Super Metroid: I was never found of this game, and I too liked the NES version much better.

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    RPGs remain my favorite type of game! I didn't even realize half of my top were RPGs (+ Zelda + ActRaiser). By they way, I read on your blog that you don't have time for RPGs anymore, but I think RPGs can work very well for young adults too (you can play for half an hour or one hour a day, and then save). In some cases, they can even fit better in a busy schedule than some long and difficult arcade games.

    I like your top 10! Like msx's top, it includes real classics (Akumajô Dracula, Magical Quest, Chohmakaimura, Contra Spirits, Turtles in Times, Zelda, Axelay, Super Mario World) and yet you also included choices that are very personal (Macross, DoReMi).

    I still have trouble determining which episode I prefer: Dracula X Chi no Rondo or Akumajô Dracula on Super Famicom. Both are such great games!

    I was never able to really enjoy Chohmakaimura, which has always been getting on my nerve. I will try again some day. Same thing for Macross: I played it several times, but never went far (but obviously, it is not as aggravating as Chohmakaimura LOL).

    I prefer DoReMi Fantasy to Magical Pop'n. I played again to the latter yesterday, and it feels kind of cheap (cheap title screen, cheap music...) compared to DoReMi Fantasy, which could have made it into my top ten if it were released earlier (1992 or 1993 for example).

    Even though Super Metroid is a great game overall, I think the visuals are nothing special for a 1994 game, the controls are not as good as the controls of the Famicom version, the dark atmosphere and the music get repetitive over time, and there are many annoying segments. It's still a great game though LOL

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    Mine :

    Final Fantasy VI - Best RPG
    Akumajô Dracula - Best platformer/action
    Super Mario Kart - Best racing game
    Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu - Best Tactical
    Tenshi Sozo - Best Action RPG
    Tengai Makyô Zero - Great feeling
    Super Aleste - Best shooter
    Donkey Kong Country 2 - Great feeling, less legitimate than Super Mario World I or II but it was my favorite in the 90's
    Earthbound - Great feeling
    Demon's Crest

    I have never played/finished these games on original SNES/SFC :

    Dragon Quest V (DS), Tactics Ogre LucT (PS One), Tales of Phantasia (PS One/GBA)

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    It is quite difficult to do a top 10 on my favourite system.

    However today I think it would be :

    10 - Terranigma
    It was the second to last RPG I finished on the SFC, approximatively 10 years ago (the last being Emerald Dragon this month).
    Perhaps the best action-rpg on the system, with a very special atmosphere and some wonderful music.
    I finished it in french, with a quite poor translation, as usual, and I'd like to (re)finish it in english.

    9 - Super Metroid
    My game of summer'94, along with SSF2.
    I hesitated between this one and Megaman X (which I bought 1 year later), I chose S. Metroid and I never regretted it.
    The best Metroid in my opinion, which has aged very well.

    8 - Super Castlevania 4/Akumajô Dracula
    Perhaps my favourite episode in the serie (I do not like the "Metroidvanias" very much except of course for Symphony of the Night), even if the PC-Engine one is very close.

    7 - Super Street Fighter 2
    The best VS fighting game in the world, now and forever. Immortal :D
    Street Fighter 2 is surely the most memorable as a historical point of view, and it's also the game I got with the system, but I played the Super more.

    6 - Breath of Fire 2
    One of my favourite RPG and the best in the serie (even if the 3 is excellent too).
    It was not as long nor beautiful as top RPG on the system but I loved the unique and quite dark atmosphere, the music as well as some nice features (fusions, building his own city, etc) at the time.

    5 - Tengai Makyô Zero
    The first RPG I finished in complete japanese, without knowing a word of japanese, even kanas...
    This was before finishing the second episode, which is obviously better, but I still keep a soft spot for the Zero.
    I'd love to see a fan translation of this game.

    4 - Contra Spirits/Super Probotector
    For me, one of the best Konami game of all time and arguably the best "run'n gun" game.
    It was a shock to see such a game on a little Super Nintendo.
    Everything is perfect in this game.

    3 - F-Zero
    I put it "only" in third but I think it is the game I played the most on SFC.
    In general I love racing game but F-Zero is truly special (along with F-Zero X but I have more memories of the SFC one).
    I remember very well when I saw it on a real TV, I could not believe it (I had an Amstrad CPC at the time).
    I know every inch of each circuit and I still play it regularly.
    I even bought a cartmod of BS F-Zero 2 some time ago.

    2 - Chrono Trigger
    One of the best RPG of all time, which I waited very much in 1995 after seing photos and reviews of the japanese version in magazines. Finally I bought it in US version as soon as it came out, and it was fabulous from the beggining to the end.
    It's from this game that I began collecting and keeping the games I liked the most.

    1 - Final Fantasy VI
    I don't even know what to say about my favourite game of all time.
    I played it like 10 hours a day when I got it by the end of 1994. The music, characters, fighting system, scenario, world of Balance then world of Ruin, and so on, it was completely incredible, I even dreamt it about it :)
    I did not know much about the game before buying it, except for the small review in french "Joypad" magazine.
    I have finished perhaps 50 times since 1994, in every version, even the poor Playstation port.
    It's simply "my" game, I love everything in FFVI, which is more than just a game to me.

    Of course, there are much more games that could be in my top : Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy IV & V, Axelay, Turles in Time, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, DBZ 2, Pocky&Rocky, Rockman 7, and so on...
    And some games that I still need to finish like Seiken Densetsu 3 and Dragon Quest III, among others.bolded text

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    Nice tops guys! I love all those games except Donkey Kong Country 2 (I have never played it, I had enough with the first one LOL).

    @Sebee: I competely forgot about Super Aleste! I just added it to my list.

    @UmaroPJ: I also would like to finish Terranigma in English some day. I really hated the French translation. Wow, I didn't think Terranigma was the last RPG you completed on the SNES before Emerald Dragon! I am surprised you prefer Breath of Fire II to Zelda and Super Mario World.

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    I love Zelda III (but who would not?) but I did not finish it when I was teenager (the game was lended to me and I did not have the time to complete it before I give it back to his owner), and I finished it only years later. That's why I have fondest memories of other games.

    Super Mario World is the second game I got on the system (after Street Fighter 2) and I loved it. However, there have been so much Mario platform games since, that the game feels less "precious" that some other titles, even if is still the best Mario game to me. But it would be in my top 15 for sure :)

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    @UmaroPj said in Top 10 Super Famicom games:

    5 - Tengai Makyô Zero

    The first RPG I finished in complete japanese, without knowing a word of japanese, even kanas...
    This was before finishing the second episode, which is obviously better, but I still keep a soft spot for the Zero.
    I'd love to see a fan translation of this game.
    bolded text

    I've read the game is a nightmare to hack , i'm afraid we'll never see any translation at all. But i hope i'm wrong...

    Ididn't know there was a sequel to this game , what's its name and on what system ?

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    The translation seems to be almost complete:

    Umaro was refering to Tengai Makyô II on PC Engine.

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    Is that true ???!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

    I think Far East Of Eden 2 Maru is not a sequel to Zero but a sequel to FEOE Ziria , and Zero i guess is a prequel to Ziria although it came later.

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    I don't know whether it's true or not. I looked for a confirmation, but I couldn't find anything, except that video from 2015:

    Umaro never said Tengai Makyô II was a sequel to Tengai Zero. He only said he completed Zero before completing the second episode of the series (Tengai Makyô II).

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    My mistake...

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    As always :blush:

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    Obviously better ? Really ? Can you explain ? I never played both of them but i only saw the rolling demo of Zero and it looked beautiful , i know the other one is on disc then of course sound is surely better and full of cinemas , so what else makes it better ?

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    In my opinion, Tengai II is:
    -A lot deeper than Zero (more magic spells, more possibilities ; 4 characters instead of three)
    -A lot longer (three times as long). It's a huge game with a lot of regions.
    -Harder, and thus more interesting. You have got to figure a strategy to beat bosses.
    -More sophisticated storywise

    Zero feels like a simplified, shorter episode, with better visuals.

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    Umaro never said Tengai Makyô II was a sequel to Tengai Zero. He only said he completed Zero before completing the second episode of the series (Tengai Makyô II).


    Obviously Tengai II is the best for all the reasons Gustav said, however I keep a soft spot for Zero's musics and more "melancholic" atmosphere. And it was the first in the series I finished, a few time after it came out in Japan.

    But in the end Tengai II is probably the best RPG of its time, and one of the longest of all time.

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