• administrators has been launched today with 6 reviews:

    • Tengai Makyô II Manjimaru (PC Engine)

    • Super Formation Soccer (Super Famicom)

    • Kiki Kaikai Nazo no Kuro Manto (Super Famicom)

    • Fire Emblem Monshô no Nazo (Super Famicom)

    • Panorama Cotton (MegaDrive)

    • Magical Chase (PC Engine)

    Some other reviews for other systems (Famicom, Saturn, Neo Geo, Playstation...) will be published this month. Don't worry if your favorite system does not appear yet!

  • Private

    Thank you Gustav for this work.

    After reading your review, I definitely want more than ever Kikikaikai and Panorama Cotton. :)

    I have just three points:

    • With my IPhone 7, the website does not display right, main menu title is not fully displayed and some characters overlap at the bottom of the main menu screen.

    • In Tengai 2 review, there is a part about Kinu and Fubuki Omae where a spoiler alert is needed in my opinion.

    • In Tengai 2 still, you describe Kigugoro as a demon.
      Even if it might look like a small detail, I do not think this is appropriate.
      Demon/Oni refers mainly to a race in the game (Kinu's father Shutendôshi is one of them) and member of the root clan such as Kikugoro were human for some of them before being modify by the Doctors. I think that this term should be change or erase in order to avoid confusion.

  • administrators

    Thank you for your feedback!

    You will have to buy Kiki Kaikai, Panorama Cotton, and upgrade Magical Chase too! :)

    • We did not work on web responsiveness yet. We will check to make the website work on iPhones.

    • You are probably right about the spoiler part (that scene occurs in the second part of the game, so we should hide it), but there is no option to include spoiler tags in our reviews yet. We will have to work on it.

    • Kikugoro is not of the same race as Kinu's father, but isn't he a plant demon from the root clan? Anyway, I replaced "demon dancer" with "narcissist dancer" to avoid any confusion.

  • administrators

    @msx Thank you for your feedback !

    The website is indeed almost not responsive at all (especially the menu).
    Hopefully I will have addressed this issue by the end of the month.

    I will work on a spoiler feature once the most urgent issues are fixed !

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